Wanna be a designer?

Are you interested in fashion? Are you a talented designer?
Would you like to change your lifetime passion into your way of life? Work with us! Your designs will emerge into the daylight, give you fans all over the world, and for yourself, you will acquire precious experience in this demanding, but satisfying branch.

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 Wanna be a designer


Platform that was born out of passion is a laboratory of ideas and a forge of graphic talents. It is also a meeting place for people who appreciate unconventional thinking, creativity and freedom of creation. Our heads are full of ideas, recipes for success, and lots of energy for action. Our experiments with fashion and design have only one purpose – to discover the recipe for unique T-shirt that will be liked by people from all the world, and make its author's name a synonym of recognizable brand.

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From idea to print

A passport to the extraordinary creative society of artists gathered around Teequilla is your design. After acceptance by Teequilla Team, your design gets printed on T-shirts in one of the following sales model.

Teequilla RunAway
Your design is available
in temporary sale for 72 hours.
Teequilla Shop
Your design on Teequilla products
is available in regular sale at 24/7 shop
(Simply Artwear, On my mind).
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One design - maximum advantages

Participation in our project is for you a chance for money, fame
and professional fulfillment.

Even Banksy started from the scratch.
Make a fotune with your talent.
Be Famous
Stand out from from the crowd.
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We do not require any documented experience or extensive CV. The only we want from you is original idea, a pinch of artistic intuition and involvement in creative activity. We trust in your potential, knowledge of the newest trends in fashion, creativity and graphic skills.

With us you have opportunity to create designs that will definitely test your designer's condition. You will get a chance to develop and perfect your skills. 

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While working with us you risk nothing. But, you may gain a lot. We will deliver a prove of your skills, that is a T-shirt with your design.

We will also give a material evidence for you to love our relationship. The deal is simple. We sell the T-shirt, and you get commission on the sales.

full be famous

Be famous

You will learn the nice feeling when someone connects your work with your name. For each Teequilla design we attach a label that informs who is the author of the T-shirt design.

In the website on your personalized, desiger profile, everyone will be able to find out about you and your achievements. We will appreciate you, make an interview with you and publish it on our blog. We also wait for you on social media.

Are you convinced?

We invite for cooperation both beginners and experienced designers. All who want to co-create Teequilla clothing brand.

Send to us your design. Join Teequilla designers society – give up old conventions and focus on unconventional thinking and dynamic exchange of experience with other artists.

Submit your design

Any other ideas?

You have intuition to create interesting designs, but it would not be compliant with our guidelines? Share your ideas with us, and we will do our best to help you to make them real.

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