Brand born from passion

Teequilla is an alternative to commonly available clothing brands in the market. It's a guarantee of unique graphic design - marriage of applied art, pop culture and designers' creativity, accompanied by professional quality. It is ideal for those who appreciate strength of expression, minimalistic form and maximally artistic style.

Fuzja projektu graficznego i mody

Idea always comes first

We are united by passion and love to the street wear fashion. We have always been feeling respect to the power of graphic designs as well. We also love good designers, so we have made a nest for them, where their dreams can come true.

We want our platform to be used for sharing experience between artists from all over the world and to promote talents that so far stayed hidden in a shadow.

Work at 101%

We work hard, showing new way and gathering along it new ideas, people and capital of our notions about an ideal brand. We want to be proud of what we create, thus we seek perfection, taking care of every detail.

Enjoy fully

We are enthusiasts of fashion and art, so we get a lot of enjoyment from our work. Moreover, our enthusiasm gives us full satisfaction and works like a driving motor while creating new collections. We may say that we love our job!

Do without limits

We cross borders of cultures and continents to ensure that you have access to exceptional graphic designs. Professionalism is our main motto, which all the time poses new challenges to us.

Development first

Only continued development of our new Teequilla brand guarantees high quality products and our customers' satisfaction. We wish the youth of the brand in the market to come along with the youth of designers' spirit, who do not passively follow current trends in fashion, but create new paths for their own development – expression of their thoughts, feelings and passions.

Check our products

Check our products

Teequilla products are the greatest proof of our work. If you want to learn more about the latest Teequilla collections, please go to the store. We hope you enjoy your purchase.

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