Devil is in the detail

The phenomenon of Teequilla products is their high quality. Like at school - the T-shirts are subject to tests and must receive A grade before you get them. Attention to every detail, from label to packaging, is the symbol of the trade mark. We want you to enjoy buying our products. The product is packed in an original way in a durable decorative bag and blotting paper. And that is not all. Every T-shirt has a cardboard label with the detailed information considering the product and its designer. For the attention to every detail you are going to love our brand from the first ... order.

  • trimming
  • logo
  • label
  • paper
    Blotting paper
  • bag
full quality

The best quality

Produced with Swiss precision

Exceptional comfort of wearing thanks to reliable, best quality materials of 100% densely woven cotton with extraordinary smoothness. All the products have been subjected to tests in order to determine their tendency to damage, lose colour and shrink. On this basis we have selected robust materials which are the most resilient to wear and tear. All the Teequilla products are sewn from European materials in European tailor's shops. Produced with Swiss precision they are synonyms of perfection.

full style

Fancy style

Perfect form for our graphic

On one hand we are for a universal, comfortable style which is never out of date. On the other hand we are not afraid of experiments. We are offering new cuts which are the symbol of boldness and broad horizons. The sum of many styles is a result of the weakness to creative solutions, that in a piece of a perfect material can smuggle a completely undiscovered value. We never deny you the chance to match the style to your nature, personality or the moment. We provide the choice for those who want to grasp the life in the max version, and for those who are minimalists by nature.

full color

Richness of colours

The colours become you

The colours of the products change depending on the present trends and the weather. Although presently universal colours dominate in the shop, we also have such that would turn your head. We are always experimenting with colours so they are unique and not plain, such as the people that will be wearing them. The lovers of classics will be fascinated by the deep black and white. Fans of intensive colours will be pleased with the juicy colors designed to make happy. According to the principle that everyone is exceptional, we do not abandon pastels and greyness. It is a sign of respect towards the lovers of abating and moderation in the clothes. We also reserve the space for your suggestions.

full strong

The transmission force of the design

Express yourself with the unique design

 The printed designs presented on Teequilla are not available at any other shop. You will be surprised with the creativity and extraordinariness of thousands graphic designs created by the artists from all around the world. We have the courage to apply various styles, interesting forms and fascinating content. Search for and discover graphics, that most fully express you, your nature and style.

full print

The print with flying colours

Precision to a pixel

Graphic designs play the first fiddle here. Their form should catch up with the content - the overprint on Teequilla products are made with the silk-screen printing or DTG method. Direct printing (DTG) makes it possible to perform a durable, multicolor printing with the application of tonal transitions. Silk-screen printing is a method well-known as long ago as in ancient times. It enables overprints with high saturation on various materials.


The fusion of graphic design and fashion closed in an unusual T-shirt

As immortal as a black dress, the T-shirt may form a base for sports and evening wear. Combined with a unique graphic design it makes a perfect marriage, since it gives unlimited possibilities of creation. A graphic design tells a wonderful story and the whole forms our own exceptional style that would be recognized immediately.